Who can use these forms?

Forms may be used by attorneys or individuals. You do not have to be a lawyer to use this form.

How do I see or preview the forms before purchasing a form?

In order to preview the form, click on the preview button.

You will see an Adobe PDF format of the form.

You may scroll up and down to look at the top, middle, and beginning of the form.

You must have Adobe Acrobat on your computer in order to see the preview.

This secure format does not allow you to copy and/or edit the Adobe PDF files.

How do I download the form?

When you complete your order you will see a button that says download. Click on the form that you have purchased and the MS Word document will open on your screen.

You can also go to your account and see all forms that you have ordered and download the form from that part of our website.

How to fill out the forms?

The forms are in a MS Word document format or Adobe PDF format.

To complete the form you must replace the variable information with you own specific data. To insert your specific information into the form search for the name of the variable which is enclosed in [brackets]. Search by selecting the Ctr F keys or “Edit” from the MS Word top menu and then select “Find”. A dialogue box will appear on your screen. Type the left bracket symbol [ into the dialogue box and then select “Find Next”. Your cursor will be placed at the [ symbol. Now type in your specific data and replace the [ and variable name with you own information.

For example: F2 then type in [, then select Find Next, and you will see [Petitioner’s Name], replace [Petitioner’s Name] with Jane Doe. Then repeat the process until there are no more bracketed fields.

Are there any other options for obtaining the forms?

You may obtain the form by fax, email, or mail formats.

What should I do if i have difficulty in retrieving or downloading the form?

In the event that you have problems obtaining a form that you have ordered, please call our Customer Support line (210) 884-5454.

We will then do our best to resolve your problem.

Occasionally, email links may not work, and we may have to send you the form by a separate email or other method.

First, please try the email link that you receive upon ordering, then if you experience difficulty, call us.

We will be able to send the form to you as an attachment to an email.

How do I make changes to the forms?

When you obtain the form from Legal Forms for Texas.com, it will be in a Microsoft Word format.

Search for the brackets by using the F2 key, and replace the bracketed information with your own specific information. Do this until the last bracket.

Thereafter, then review the form and make any other necessary changes desired.

The document you have is a fully editable and savable Microsoft Word document, formatted or saved in any way that you choose.

You can, of course, make changes to the forms at any time.